Each year the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce's Agri-Business Division recognizes a Farm Family of the Year and an Agri-Business Citizen(s) of the Year.

A subcommittee of the Agri-business Division nominates deserving families and agri-business citizens to be considered for the award and the entire Agri-Business Council chooses the winners.

They are recognized in the January issue of Chamber News (click here for last years issue of Chamber News), at the Mayor's Round-up & Sale of Champions at the Sioux Empire Livestock Show and at the Agri-Business Division Annual Meeting. The Farm Family also shares their expertise by sitting on the Agri-Business Council for a year.

2020 Tim Eggers Family. Renner, SD
2019 Steve and Debra Schmeichel Family. Hurley, SD
2018 Matt and Paula Loewe Family. Lennox, SD
2017 Ken and Marlene Sweeter Family. Worthing, SD
2016 Brad and Monica Nussbaum Family. Garretson, SD
2015 Jason & Alicia Knutson Family. Viborg, SD
2014 Charles & Brenda Stahl Family. Bridgewater, SD
2013 Willard Family. Colton, SD
2012 Glenn & Gaylin Scott Family. Valley Springs, SD
2011 Mike & Kathy Geraets Family. Dell Rapids, SD
2010 Jeff & Linda Oyen Family. Crooks, SD
2009 Marlow & Donna Christensen Family. Beresford, SD
2008 Rod & Lois VanderVliet Family. Colton, SD
2007 Dennis & Heidi Steineke Family. Hartford, SD
2006 The Bartmann Family. Montrose, SD
2005 Bob & Sandy Johnson Family. Corson, SD
2004 Darrin & Becky Ihnen Family. Hurley, SD
2003 Ron & Susan Alverson Family. Chester, SD
2002 Mike & Becky Randall Family. Dell Rapids, SD
2001 Jerry & Mary TerWee Family. Larchwood, IA
2000 Paul & Doug Van Duyn Families. Colton, SD
1999 Mel Fiegen. Dell Rapids, SD
1998 Leo Heggen. Brandon, SD
1997 Charles Olsen. Irene, SD
1996 Roger Knochenmus. Sioux Falls, SD
1995 Walt Bones Family. Parker, SD
1994 Bob P. Larson Family. Sioux Falls, SD
1993 Bob Ode Family. Brandon, SD
1992 Duane Albers Family. Harrisburg, SD
1991 Bill Boadwine Family. Baltic, SD
1990 Norman & Merlyn Smeenk. Harrisburg, SD
1989 Smith Family Farms. Montrose, SD
1988 Duane Bly Family. Valley Springs, SD
1987 Burton Ode Family. Brandon, SD
1986 Don Benson Family. Hurley, SD
1985 Ordell Rogen Family . Sherman, SD
1984 Stuart Jacobson Family. Brandon, SD
1983 Roger Megard Family. Sherman, SD
1982 Art Ramse Family. Canton, SD