Each year the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Agri-Business Division recognizes a Farm Family of the Year and an Agri-Business Citizen(s) of the Year.

A subcommittee of the Agri-business Division nominates deserving families and agri-business citizens to be considered for the award and the entire Agri-Business Council chooses the winners.

They are recognized in the January issue of Chamber News (click here for last years issue of Chamber News), at the Mayor's Round-up & Sale of Champions at the Sioux Empire Livestock Show and at the Agri-Business Division Annual Meeting. The Farm Family also shares their expertise by sitting on the Agri-Business Council for a year.

2020 Brian Gilbert
2019 Jim Woster
2018 Sylvia Wolters
2017 Evan Nolte
2016 Bill Evans
2015 Glenn Muller
2014 Mike Miller
2013 Joel Westra
2012 Scott Wick & Jo Beal
2011 Mike Begeman
2010 Cynthia Knudsen
2009 Carol Ackerman
2008 Larry Healy
2007 Evan Ingebrigtson
2006 Shawn Cleary
2005 Bonnie Glass
2004 Arnie Wulf
2003 Curt Cutler
2002 Curt Alberty
2001 Dr. Al Miron
2000 Randy Ahrendt
1999 Jerry Beckler
1998 Darry Pearson
1997 Tom Long
1996 Larry Wright
1995 Tom Steever
1994 Dave Campbell
1993 Donald C. Anderson
1992 Bob Pfeifer
1991 Vernell Johnson
1990 Ken Tschetter
1989 Jack Rentschler
1988 Vern Fritz
1987 Jim Woster
1986 Tom Batcheller
1985 Gordon Wilkerson
1984 Darwin Britzman
1983 Cliff Gaumer
1982 Frank Lingo & Al Farmer